Nu-Clean is the world’s leading innovator in Sanitary Conveyor Design. Our goal is to provide a sanitary food handling conveyor that can be disassembled for sanitation without the use of tools. Our design will leave no question in your mind that, IT IS CLEAN.  We apply Sanitary Design to everything we do. We always strive to exceed the food safety specifications of the industries we serve.



Our Founder

Our Founder Daniel Karpy, has been designing and manufacturing conveyors in the food and material handling industry since 1975. As the inventor of Sanitary Design for the RTE food conveyor industry. He first became involved with Food Safety in 1993 as an engineering manager and later as operations manager for the world’s largest metal detection company. In 2001 he unveiled his first patented sanitary conveyors. Shortly after, the AMI released their “10 Rules for Sanitary Design” incorporating much of what is standard on Dan’s design. As the industry requirements and designs have improved Mr. Karpy has continued develop even better sanitary designs and construction methods.